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HIKING HOLIDAYS with TREKKING MONT BLANC, are designed with MOUNTAIN preservation in mind. Your bags are carried in the most environmentally-friendly way possible because we use MULES (led by a muleteer-Guide), which ensures that groups are independent and have access to their belongings throughout the day.
This is the polar opposite of HIKING HOLIDAYS where a vehicle travels around MONT BLANC with you to refuges reached by a roadway (polluting our MOUNTAINS to perfection) to drop off HIKERS’ luggage and which see the tourism industry unloading yet another stream of HIKERS…
Our MULES mean that you avoid this sort of atmosphere!

TREKKING MONT BLANC is not a tour operator moreover, but well a craftsman of the travel on foot and walk in mountain. The Mont Blanc Hiking Packages that we offer all aim to combine contemplation and the environment of the Mountain landscapes. With TREKKING MONT BLANC, you do not have to demonstrate sporting ability, but rather be open to a variety of explanations to improve understanding of the surrounding mountains.

The pedestrian excursion is accessible to all and allows you to discover, by the pleasure of the walking, the sumptuous panoramas of the Mount Blanc. In the case of “TOURS OF MONT BLANC”, effort is evenly distributed, so that you gradually acclimatise to the effort levels needed and to the altitude, across relatively short early stages. Once you have found your legs, you can easily catch up the “delay” in the following days, so that your lungs fill with pure air!

TREKKING MONT BLANC has its own MULES and does not hire them out from local farmers for “the season” at the last minute. We live the whole year at the pace of our animals and are completely in tune with them. Going with TREKKING MONT BLANC you will be with the people who design your MOUNTAIN HOLIDAY. There is no middleman taking his commission and nobody giving you the wrong information from a distant office…

TREKKING MONT BLANC is a family buisiness (of human proportions) where a particular frame of mind reigns during your MOUNTAIN HOLIDAY: an intimate appreciation of the elements, and nothing else…

In a nutshell, you live the experience!

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